Class #1

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Discussion of Spending Journal and Semester Research Project

Adfest: National Car Rental

Class #2

Class #3

Spending Journal due today (should be on paper)

Review from last class: Why Most Product Launches Fail (read by today)

What does it mean to consume? (brainstorm)​

Applications of C.B. and Overall Model of Consumption (slides)

Meaning of Consumption (slides)

Share Spending Journals in small groups.

Class #4

Class #5

Topic for Semester Research Project due before this class begins.

Overview of External Influences / Cross Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior (slides)

What do Women in Other Markets Really See?  (for class viewing)

Panda Cheese (for class viewing)

Brand Work

Class #6

Values (slides)

Article: 21 Charts That Explain American Values Today  (read by today)

70s Ads (for class viewing; note both content and style)

80s Ads (for class viewing; note both content and style)

Wix Ad (for class viewing; contrast with previous in content and style)

Kia Ad (for class viewing)

Cadillac Ad (for class viewing)

Class #7

Demographics (slides)

Article: American Generation Fast Facts (read by today)

Article: Your Guide to Generation Z (read by today)

Video: Demographics (for class viewing)

Subcultures (slides)

Simon Sinek: This is why you Don't Succeed (for class viewing)

Classes #8 and #9 Brand Presentations

Class #10

Families and Households (slides)

Article: Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents' Stuff (read by today)

Article: When the Gospel of Minimalism Collides with Daily Life (read by today)

Analsysis of Halloween Consumption one , two, and three  (for class viewing)

Group Influence (slides)

Discussion: Marketing to Children ( Commercial Free Childhood)

3 Fundamentals of Ethically Marketing to Children (for class discussion)