Class #1

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Discussion of Spending Journal and Semester Research Project

Adfest: National Car Rental

Class #2

Class #3

Spending Journal due today (should be on paper)

Review from last class: Why Most Product Launches Fail (read by today)

What does it mean to consume? (brainstorm)​

Applications of C.B. and Overall Model of Consumption (slides)

Meaning of Consumption (slides)

Share Spending Journals in small groups.

Class #4

Class #5

Topic for Semester Research Project due before this class begins.

Overview of External Influences / Cross Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior (slides)


What do Women in Other Markets Really See?  (for class viewing) Nike Arabic with subtitles, Nike Russian with subtitles

Panda Cheese (for class viewing)

Brand Work

Class #6

Values (slides)

Article: 21 Charts That Explain American Values Today  (read by today)

70s Ads (for class viewing; note both content and style)

80s Ads (for class viewing; note both content and style)

Wix Ad (for class viewing; contrast with previous in content and style)

Kia Ad (for class viewing)

Cadillac Ad (for class viewing)

Class #7

Demographics (slides)

Article: American Generation Fast Facts (read by today)

Article: Your Guide to Generation Z (read by today)

Video: Demographics (for class viewing)

Subcultures (slides)

Simon Sinek: This is why you Don't Succeed (for class viewing)

Classes #8 and #9 Brand Presentations

Class #10