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Class #11

Perception (slides)

Article: When People Pay Attention to Ads and Why (read by today)

Learning, Memory, and Product Positioning (slides)

When Repositioning Didn't Work: Oldsmobile

Successful Repositioning: Old Spice

Class #12

Class #13


Class #14

Class #15

The Consumer 

Evangelium Vitae, Point 2, The Incomparable Worth of the Human Person (Read by today)

Small Group Findings From Semester Research Project

Class #16

lSituational Influences (slides)

Article: More Isn't Always Better (Read by today)

Article: Enter the Maze: Ikea, Costco, Other Retailers Know ... (for reading in class)

Class #17

Class #18

Class #19

Ci#1 is due before the start of today's class.

Alternative Evaluation and Selection (slides)

Article: The Value of Customer Reviews and Brand Reputation (Read by today)

Small Group Sharing of Ci#1's

Class #20