This task is an individualized research assignment on a topic of your choosing (20 points total). The objective is to analyze the topic/issue in the light of Catholic Social Teaching. Therefore, your thesis will be a statement on the relationship of the two.

The deliverables are very similar to those of the Brand Presentation you completed earlier in the semester so that you can have a second chance to present in front of a group. However, this time, your presentation will only be 5 to 7 minutes in front of the class and you are totally on your own. Of course, you may see me at any time for help. Just text or email me.


1. Bibliography with at least 3 journal references. (Turned in on a specified due date and also on the day of the presentation on the back of the handout.)

2. 5-7 Minute presentation with visuals. ("Mini-presentations" to small groups/instructor will be given throughout the semester in preparation for the big one.)

3. 1 page handout which summarizes the information for classmates (bibliography printed on back).

The steps are:

1. Submit your topic for approval using the form below by the dute date listed on the Syllabus.

2. Send as a PDF your current list of sources for research in MLA Bibliography form by the start of class on the due date listed on the Syllabus so that I can guide you if necessary. 

3. When this tutorial preparation period comes to an end, you will email your handout and bibliography (pdf) and, if your visuals are digital, your presentation (Power Point, Prezi, PDF file, etc.) as well to [email protected] by the start of class on the due date given on the  Syllabus.

4. Presentations will be given across the 2-3 days listed on the Syllabus. The order of presentations will be random and a classmate will be assigned to be timer.

5. Your grade will be based upon the standards described in the
Oxford Tutorial Score Sheet.

Possible Topics: (Select something which interests you greatly!)
  • Consumption and sustainability
  • Fashion consumption and identity/self concept/body image
  • Extended self concept and consumption habits 
  • “Fast fashion” and the current model of fashion consumption
  • Generational differences in definition of “wants” vs. “needs.”
  • Psychological effects of extreme materialism (clutter, hoarding, financial devastation, etc.)
  • Issues related to truth in advertising
  • Portrayal of women in advertising (in certain time and place)
  • Portrayal of women in advertising across time.
  • Portrayal of men in advertising (in certain time and place)
  • Portrayal of men in advertising across time
  • Cultural differences in consumption
  • Marketing to children
  • The ethics of marketing certain kinds of food 
  • Changes in food consumption across time
  • The ethics of marketing tobacco products
  • Psychology of brand loyalty (or fanaticism)

IMPORTANT: You should state a thesis at some point in your presentation (and on the handout). All information given should be in support of your thesis.

Research Question / Working Thesis