Class 21

ADFEST Analysis Questions​​

What product, service, brand, idea, or person is the ad promoting?

Who is the target audience?

What techniques are used to both capture and keep the viewer's attention?

What is assumed about the target audience (values, beliefs, lifestyles, self concept)? Is this ad closer to "mirroring" or to "molding?"

Is this an example of informative, persuasive, or reminder advertising?

What is the execution style? (Slice of Life, Lifestyle, Fantasy, Mood/Image, Musical, Personality Symbol, Technical Expertise, Scientific Evidence, Testimonial or Endorsement?)

Do you think it's effective? Why or why not?

Class 22

Class 23

Direct, Online, Social Media, And Mobile Marketing (Slides)

Article: What are the Best Social Media Campaigns of 2017?

Class 24

Developing a Marketing Plan (In Class, In Groups)

Classes 25-27 Semester Research Project Presentations