Class 11

Class 12

Class 13

Warm Up / Mini Adfest: Rent the Runway, Chick fil A

Products, Services, and Brands (slides)

Millennials and the "Reverse" Branding Trend (Read by today)

Landor Branding Consulting (Explore by today, especially the profile of BP.)

Apple Logo History (for class)

Class 14

Warm Up / Mini Adfest: Apple 1984

New Product Development (slides)

Article: Successful Product Development- Unique, Coherent, and Rare (Read by today)

How the iphone was Born (Video for Class)

Class 15

Class 16

Class 17

Class 18

TEST #1 (The slides will give you direction on what to study in the A&K Text and the Catechism; Review all videos, articles, and websites.)

Class 19

Warm Up / Mini Adfest: McDonalds Big Mac

Retailing and Wholesaling (slides)

Explore the McDonald's Website, especially the background story and offerings (Read by Today)

Explore Five Guys' Website, especially the backgroud story and offerings (Read by Today)

Small Group Sharing of Findings from Semester Research Project

Class 20

Warm Up / Mini Adfest: Wendy's Wendy's, Compilation

Engaging Consumers and Communicating Customer Value (slides)

Examples of Message Execution: M&M's, Athleta, IKEA, Progressive, Sam Adams, FedEx

Wendy's Twitter Account

Video of Interview: Consumer Generated Content, Doritos

Explore the websites for Adage and Adweek.

What do Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and the Jolly Green Giant have in Common? (Researched by today)

Leo Burnett's Icons (for class)

Leo Burnett's Farewell Speech (for class)